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      Normal maintenance of centrifuge

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      Normal maintenance of centrifuges
      In the purchase of the flat centrifuge, we all expect it to continue to be more long-term, to make greater contributions. Therefore, it is stipulated that we should do a good job in its maintenance and maintenance work in our daily application. Only in the normal application of it, we should pay attention to careful care and immediate maintenance, so that it can be long-term application! Therefore, the operator should master some usual maintenance methods and know where to carry out the usual maintenance.
      If you want to do a good job in the usual maintenance of the flat centrifuge, you should first do a good job in the maintenance of the machine and equipment inside and outside, to avoid the environmental pollution of the centrifuge body. If the centrifuge human body is polluted by dust or some oil residue, it may endanger the long-term application effect of the machine in the extreme natural environment of the production line. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the necessary pollution control inside and outside the centrifuge. Before and after each manufacturing application, you need to prepare a thin cloth in advance to scrub the machine, and then apply it at the beginning!
      2. when the centrifuge is not used, it is not necessary to open the cover of the machine at will to prevent environmental pollution of the filter chamber, ensure the sealing performance of the shell sealing bead, and prevent some air pollutants from entering the centrifuge cylinder screen from the gap between the left and right flange plates of the shell.
      3. in order to better ensure its excellent sealing performance, general industrial equipment should be coated with vacuum pump sealing grease after a period of application. When you find something wrong with the seal ring, remove and replace it immediately.
      4. If some buttons or display lights on the operation panel have common faults, shut down the machine immediately for maintenance, and deal with common faults at the beginning of operation.
      There are many factors that endanger the service life of plate centrifuge. In the whole process of application, customers should do a good job in daily maintenance. Generally speaking, maintenance should be carried out within one year. In the whole process of maintenance, each part of industrial equipment should be inspected, and air pollutants and dust should be removed, so that problems can be found and properly handled, and the centrifuge can have a longer service life reasonably.
      The application of plate centrifuge in some areas also need attention

      (1)Before application, look around the machine to see if there are any different areas and if the surface of the machine is intact.
      (2)The dirt on the service platform of the tablet computer is clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to put dirt on the tablet computer!
      (3)Before starting, check whether all kinds of display lights of inverter control cabinet are normal! Then open < At the beginning " The key to carry out the actual operation of production and manufacturing behind!
      (4)After centrifuge separation, press < Terminate " Press the button to turn the electric administrative organ on. Centrifuge cylinder screen through the soft starter resistor brake pedal to make the machine Ting out!
      (5)After the mechanical equipment stops, the dehydrated raw materials should be lifted out with lifting tools and unloaded to the specific dumping area!
      Common problems in the application of plate centrifuge
      (1)Different raw materials of liquid material separation to carry out the actual operation
      (2)In the whole process of feeding, the gate valve should not be opened as much as possible, and the adjustment should be carried out from shallow to deep to find the suitable opening position of gate valve!
      (3)When the machine is in use, if it is found that there is a large shake, the feeding will be stopped immediately. If there is also a shake, the shutdown inspection will be carried out!

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