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      What are the reasons of endangering the separation of plate centrifuge

      Time:2021-06-21 08:29:07  Clicks:79

      What are the reasons of endangering the separation of plate centrifuge
      The factors of endangering the separation of plate centrifuge

      The first is the motor. Different series of products have different motor speed ratio, such as level 2, level 4, level 6, etc. We centrifuge manufacturers generally use a large number of four motor, speed ratio for the specification of 1440 rpm. However, for the small centrifuges whose model and specification are less than 300, we all choose the level 2 motor. That can make the speed of centrifugal dehydrator above 2500 RPM!In view of these over 1500 products, all of them are applied with 6-level motors, which can ensure that the motor runs more smoothly and easily!
      The second harmful factor is the error of transmission ratio. With the motor wheel and from the driving wheel of the specification of the oil race calculation, can easily calculate the specific speed of everyone's machinery and equipment! The faster the speed of the centrifugal dehydrator, the greater the separation coefficient, and vice versa! Motor speed ratio & mdash*& mdash; Motor wheel —/— In the passive wheel can calculate the speed!s

      The third is the variable frequency controller. According to change the current size, to change the speed of the motor, that can also do harm to the separation of factors! The faster the speed, the higher the separation factor! Plate Centrifuge
      Detailed introduction of separation elements of centrifugal dehydrator
      1、The centripetal force and separation factor assume that there is a particle of mass m, with o point as the management center and R as the radius, and the rotation angle a is related to the rotation speed ratio n by
      :2n=(Tilt / sec)
      Equation (2.1) 60 the correlation between the rotational angular velocity and the velocity on the circle is: v = AR (M / s)
      2、In all constant frequency rotation exercise, radial acceleration an and the same and reverse filtration acceleration a, which is (m/s^2) formula, are caused
      3、The cohesive force of the effect on the particle is the same as the suction inertia moment (centripetal force), but the orientation is reversed.
      The calculation method is as follows:=F=mo‘rg2ngrnkg力)r=860900 Formula calculation(2.4)Net weight of medium g target;g-Force acceleration;
      Because of the positive correlation between the separation index and the drum radius, when the drum increases, the F value increases slowly, but when the drum radius increases, the in-situ stress of the drum is greatly affected. However, the separation index F is related to the speed ratio in square meters. When the speed ratio increases, f increases rapidly. However, the improvement of the separation index is not unlimited. The separation index can be changed by changing the drum compressive strength and drum radius.
      Calculation method of separation index:
      Fr=F centripetal force/F Force=m?2r/mg=?2r/g=(2**r/r*rpm)?2*r/g
      Simplified formula calculation of engineering project calculation fr=1.12*10(-3)*r*(rpm)2 notes:R Is the radius,Enterprise for rice,rpm is the speed ratio,Enterprise for transfer / score
      The shell of the plate centrifuge adopts the structure of large reverse cover, and the top cover is provided with a feeding pipe, a cleaning pipe, an observation hole, a discharge hole and an explosion-proof lamp“N2”。

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