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      The structure type of horizontal screw centrifuge

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      Structure type of horizontal screw centrifuge
      Horizontal screw centrifuge is a new type of separation machinery and equipment. It has the characteristics of compact structure, continuous practical operation, stable operation, strong adaptability, large production capacity and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in paper industry, printing and dyeing plant, wool washing plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical company, etc It has been widely used in many industries, such as dehydration and separation, industrial wastewater treatment and domestic sewage treatment.
      Horizontal screw centrifuge is a kind of vertical screw dumping and continuous practical operation foundation settlement machine equipment, with reliable quality and good mechanical performance. It has been certified according to ISO90012000 international quality management system, with good adaptability and corrosion resistance. Cylinder screen, transport screw and other parts touching objects can be made of stainless steel plate, To ensure the service life of the equipment, various special requirements of the environmental protection sludge disposal and processing technology for the centrifugal dehydrator are considered in the design scheme, and the reliability design of the key performance components is completed at the level of specificity and workability. If the customer shows the physical and chemical characteristics of the sludge and the processing regulations before purchasing, you may show the model to the customer.
      Structure type of horizontal screw centrifuge:

      1、High level of automation technology: the feeding, separation, dumping and other technological processes of horizontal screw centrifuge are carried out continuously and fully automatically under high-speed operation. The programmable automatic control system is used to complete the whole process of filtration and separation.
      2、Stable performance in work: the transfer case used in horizontal screw centrifuge is two-stage involute gear transmission differential and cycloid pin reducer. The transfer case rotates with low operating temperature, large torque of transmission system and reliable performance. The design scheme of plug removal equipment of screw push feeder can improve the output power, reduce the torque of machinery and equipment, and make the performance more stable.
      3、Strong process performance: horizontal screw centrifuge adopts dual motor dual DC frequency conversion kinetic energy feedback differential speed ratio system software to carry out soft stepless adjustment and online intelligent control system, and can adjust the speed ratio and differential speed ratio anytime and anywhere according to the change of raw materials. In order to achieve good environmental protection and energy saving effect.
      4、Low noise: the design scheme of two-layer and sound insulation and noise reduction layer is adopted for the plug cover, and the new sealing structure is adopted for the plug cover and the bearing with seat. With the fine dynamic balance of the rotor, the noise is obviously reduced.
      5、Large output: due to the use of excellent technical processing technology, the structure of the liquid tank is weighted, the straight cylinder screen is extended, and the hole of the clean phase water baffle is lifted on the screw, so the output of the new horizontal screw centrifuge is further improved.
      6、Reliable safety performance: horizontal screw centrifuge is equipped with torque maintenance, output power control and other maintenance methods, which can reasonably remove or reduce the harm caused by sudden common faults to the equipment. All transmission devices are equipped with safety protection cover.
      7、Good natural environment on the spot: the separation of raw materials by centrifugal dehydrator is carried out under the completely closed standard to ensure that the actual operation is clean, clean and zero pollution on the spot, and maintain the clean and clean working environment, and complete green manufacturing.

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