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      Coal tar three phase separation centrifuge

      1、Brief introduction of coal tar three phase separation centrifuge

      In the coal tar industry, there are two methods of coal tar centrifugation: one is natural precipitation deslagging dehydration, which has a long time cycle and unstable water content of coal tar; Second, centrifuges are imported, with high price and untimely maintenance, thus affecting production; With the strong support of relevant enterprises in the coal tar industry, our company has launched U4 and U5 coal tar centrifuges after long-term unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, which fills the technical gap in the coal tar industry in China, and will bring a driving force for the technical reform of China's coal tar industry, which will make the development of China's coal tar industry on the fast track;
      Coal tar three-phase separation centrifuge is a new product developed by our company for the coal tar industry. After nearly three years of continuous use, the product has stable operation and good separation effect, and has established a good reputation in the industry. Coal tar three-phase separation centrifuge is a kind of high-efficiency tar dewatering tank. The centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotating drum replaces the effect of gravity. In this huge centrifugal force, ammonia, tar and tar residue can be separated instantly to realize the three-phase separation of ammonia, tar and tar residue.

      Working principle diagram of coal tar three phase separation



      Three phase separation of coal tarworking principle

      Three phase separation process of coal tar

      Three phase separation process of coal tar


      3、The performance parameters of coal tar three-phase separation centrifuge are as follows

      model Maximum speed(r/min) Common working speed(r/min) Maximum separation factor
      Suspension handling capacity
      Maximum slag discharge capacity
      (kg / h)
      Motor power
      Overall weight
      U4 4300 3500~4000 4440 8~15 3000 45/15 4000 3800´1650
      U5 3800 3000~3500 4030 12~25 3500 75/22 5500 4400´1750

      4、Coal tar three phaseSeparation effect: 1
      After separation, the water content is stable, less than 2%.
      The total ash content after separation is less than 0.1%.
      5、Coal tar three phase separation centrifugeIt has the following advantages:
      ①、 It can be produced continuously;
      ②、 The ash content in the separated tar is less than 0.1%, and the oil tank does not need slag cleaning, so the cost is saved;
      ③、 The water content of separated tar is less than 2%, which can be sold at any time and stored in low inventory to reduce production cost;
      ④、 Compared with the imported equipment, the price is cheap, but the performance fully meets the requirements of the production process;
      ⑤、 Closed environmental protection, no material leakage, reduce environmental pollution;
      ⑥、 PLC control, Siemens touch screen interface operation, with DCS interface;
      ⑦、 One key operation, simple operation, easy to learn and understand;
      ⑧、 Free training for equipment debugging and operators;
      ⑨、 According to the customer's production process requirements, personalized design;
      ⑩、 Provide lifelong technical support and door-to-door service for customers;


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