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      Add:100 Xingnan Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province          Postcode:215168
      Tel:0512-65657075  65657076                Fax:0512-65656443 
      Http//www.tappear.com                      E-mailinfo@szunited.com
      Roughing machine  Roughing machine is a kind of automatic and continuous operation filter specially developed by our company for the pretreatment of waste oil.
      ○ After the slurry enters the trash remover, the mixed liquid of water and oil and fine solid impurities flow into the liquid collection hopper through the filter screen, and the large solid impurities are trapped on the filter screen to form a filter cake layer, which is discharged from the cylinder and enters the solid impurity collection hopper under the push of the spiral blade. Feeding, separation, liquid discharge and discharge are completed automatically and continuously.
      ○ The coarse screen machine is mainly used to remove large impurities in waste oil. Such as: chopsticks, bottle caps, rags, large pieces of glass, plastic products and other debris can be effectively removed. Due to the removal of large impurities, the load of the oil-water separator in the next process is greatly reduced, the processing capacity, separation effect and the wear resistance of the blade of the separator are improved. It has the advantages of continuous, airtight, automatic, large capacity and anti blocking.
      Product specifications

      Type   number        Type Screw speed
      Capacity     m3/h Power
      Examples of uses
      JY320 1200 8.0-15.0 15 800 2200×770×1300 Kitchen residues, waste oil
      JY400 1200 15.0-25.0 22 900 2980×750×1100
      Preparation   notes 1.The material of the contact part between the coarse screen and the material is determined according to the use requirements, and the structure can be specially designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users
      2. The processing capacity of the mixed liquid of the coarse screen depends on the specific separated material. The data provided in this table is for reference only

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